An interactive guide to the weird universe of The Hold Steady.

People Touching People That They Don't Even Know.


Welcome to Clicks and Hisses. Although we are mostly open to tasteful groping, the tagline above is hoped to be processed with a modest appreciation for metaphors. Our mission here is to build a towering internets sweet spot where friends can climb up top and drink and talk. Craig Finn, our inspiration for this site, once penned the lyric, "everyone's a critic and most people are DJs." In interviews, he has explained his frustration with the subset of DJs who strictly play other's music and pass it off as their own art. Without exposing one's own nervous personal creations and baring all to the clustered up masses, a speaking mind in any medium cannot take the risky leap from critic to artist. So here is Clicks and Hisses for your amusement and involvement.

Stumble around. Add your art. Jam your thoughts into our system. We'll do anything but listen.

Hold Steady.


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